Growing In & Sharing Christ (Foundations 101)

Dr. Sharon Anderson
When: Sundays @ 10am (4-weeks)
Where: Rm. 214

If you or someone you know is new to the journey with Christ, and wondering about next steps, this class is for you!  We invite you to join us in this four week exploration of what it means to grow as a follower of Christ.  In this safe setting we’ll together look at the common challenges of life that test our faith, the Christian practices that help us develop our faith, and the biblical pattern of God’s Word that allows us to live out our faith.  For those who’d like to go deeper, optional readings for this class can be found in chapters nine and ten (p. 247–295) of A Handbook of the Christian Faith, available in the Timberline Book Store.

When is this class offered?


Week 1 – Challenges to our Christian Walk
Reading:  247253 and 264270
• Our belief for the existence of God
• The presence of evil in the world
• Jesus–the only way to salvation
• Sharing with others about your faith in Jesus Christ

Week 2 – Disciplines that grow our faith in Jesus
Reading: 253264
• The purpose of prayer
• The necessity of Bible study
• The sins that wage war against the soul

Week 3 – Thinking and living as a Christian
Reading: 272281
• The Christian worldview
• The Ten Commandments

Week 4 – Sermons & teachings by Jesus that guide our walk
Reading: 281–295
• The Sermon on the Mount
• Parables of the Good Samaritan and of wealth and possessions
• Today’s application of these portions of Scripture

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