Essential Christian Beliefs (Foundation 101)

Dr. Matt Hickey,
When: Sundays @ 10am (4-weeks)
Where: Rm 214

Description: The four weeks in this unit, exploring “Essential Christian Beliefs,” will cover the basics of Christian doctrine and how it is chronicled in the Bible and Church history.  The optional readings below are from chapter seven (pg 184-211) of A Handbook of the Christian Faith (available in the Timberline Bookstore).

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Week 1 – The Nature and Attributes of God
Reading: 184-188
1.  How we can know God exists?
2.  What is God’s nature?
3.  What does the “Trinity” mean?
4.  What other worldviews about God are there?

Week 2 – Creation, Fall, and the Problem of Sin
Reading: 188-192
1.  The idea of creation:  why is anything here?
2.  Man as creature-fashioned in the image of God
3.  What is sin?
4.  Consequences of the Fall

Week 3 – Jesus and the Holy Spirit:  Completing the Godhead
Reading: 192-200
1.  The person and nature of Jesus Christ
2.  The work and meaning of Salvation
3.  The nature of the Holy Spirit

Week 4 – The Church:  Body and Bride of Christ
Reading: 200-211
1.  The marks of the church
2.  Sacraments and structure of the church
3.  Last things, angels, and demons
4.  Review how what we have learned fits within the Nicene Creed.

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