The Gospel: The Greatest Love Story

The Gospel: The Greatest Love Story
Jan 6—Feb 10 (6-weeks)
Sun, 11:30am | Rm 202
Instructor: Stephen Muraguri

What is the greatest love story ever told?  Who is this God who loves mankind and what is His plan?  The gospel (or the “good news”) is the most awe-inspiring story of the greatest love that we can ever imagine.

  • Week 1 and 2:
    How do we know that there is a God, and how has He revealed Himself to us?  What is He like?  We must see the Majesty of this God that is in charge of the universe so that we have a proper worldview which allows us to respond to this greatest love. Therefore we will look at the evidences of God as well as some of the attributes of God; namely the Sovereignty and Holiness of God.
  • Week 3:
    If we are to understand how good the “good news” really is, we must first understand the bad news.  To what kind of people is God showing this greatest love?  Is there something about us that makes this God want us?
  • Week 4:
    We are going to see how Jesus brought the love story to us.  We sing “Amazing Grace” but just how amazing is it? Why did Jesus have to come to earth and live for 33 years and then die?
  • Week 5:
    Now that I am a Christian, what is expected of me, if anything?  Is it true that churches are filled with hypocrites? Why can’t I seem to be perfect if Jesus “paid it all”?  If I am a follower of Jesus, why hasn’t the pain of this life gone away?
  • Week 6:
    What real difference does it make if I am a follower of Jesus here and now?  What is my main purpose in life? What happens to all the people who say “yes” to Christ?  What about all the people who say “no”?

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